Abby Agboola RN MSN

Abby Agboola is the President and CEO of Fadmo Health and Home Care Agency, a New York based health care firm that services the five boroughs as well as Westchester County.The organization has approximately 350 employees with two locations within the servicing areas. Fadmo Health and Home Care Agency is under the dynamic leadership of Ms Agboola who ensures the agency delivers excellent care to the residents of the serviced counties.

Abby Agboola founded the organization in September 2002 as Fadmo International Corporation.The mission and objective was to be in health care. in 2006, the organization shifted its focus to provide Home Health services, Fadmo is licensed as a Home Care Agency by the NYS Department of Health.

Abby Agboola is a registered Nurse by profession. She started her career at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) in Nigeria, where she did her training as a nurse and as a nurse mid-wife. After graduating as a registered nurse in 1982 and as a mid-wife in 1984, she briefly worked at the same institution before migrating to the United States to join her husband in 1986. While at LUTH, she encouraged women to use birth control to space their children and stand up for themselves against  a male domineering society.

While in America, she started at Partners in Care as a Home Health Aide. After passing the Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse Exam, she worked with the same agency in that capacity before joining the Staten Island University Hospital as a labor room nurse. While at that Institution, she attended Wagner College for a  Bachelors and  subsequently a Masters Degree program

Upon graduating from the program in 1993 and 1995 respectively, she attended a certificate program as a Hospital Administrator at Wagner but her quest for knowledge and passion as a visionary propelled her to register for the mid-wife program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). She completed the program in 1998. As a midwife, Abby worked at the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health  Center in New York City from 1998-2001. At Lincoln, she was in charge of the management of pregnant women with positive HIV to reduce lateral transmission. She left this position for the Lutheran Medical Center of Brooklyn, where she offered women an alternative to caesarian birth, a lonely labor room experience, being tied down in bed while in labor.

Simultaneously she also worked as an agency nurse at Maimonides Medical Center at the end of 2002. She left Lutheran Medical Center to work as a full time agency RN at Maimonides Medical Center and worked on establishing  Fadmo International Corporation. In June of 2004, she started a health care service firm in the State of New Jersey. In December of 2006, Fadmo Health and Home Care was born. Both organisations are still being run simultaneously by Abby Agboola.

Ms Agboola is an energetic, dynamic and a visionary woman. Ms  Agboola upbringing by her tough mother who was passionate about education has made her a strong willed individual and high achiever who is always on a quest for excellency. A risk taker with high goals for success are among her astounding personality traits.

                                                                              Lucy Geller RN

Lucy Geller started working with Fadmo Health and Home Care in June of 2009.Prior to that she worked at Sherpard Nursing Home. Nurse Lucy began her nursing education in Russia twenty five years ago,she worked as a nurse in many different areas of medicine. Nurse Lucy is the director of patient care services and the Head teacher for the Fadmo Health and Allied school. She is the chairperson of  the continuous Improvement committee which meets every three months to review files for both workers and patients, if necessary, the committee recommends corrective actions for anything that is found wrong and oversees the implementation and re-evaluation of any corrective measures including chart review and proper documentation. She supervises all staff including nurses and home health aides on the field.She performs presentations for new procedures and acts as the Director of Nursing when the Director is on vacation or not available.Nurse Lucy is a New York State Licensed private teacher and is married with two grown children.

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